TourCreator Light

Attention! - TourCreator Light is obsolete program. It works stable only with krpano version 1.18.6 and earlier. As krpano announced that 1.18.6 is the last stable version ( all 1.19 is still pre-relize) TourCreator Light will be available.
TourCreator Lite and Pro are the different programs and have the different approach to fulfill the same operations.

TourCreator Light is an easy-to-use , and high-performance professional software to create and edit Interactive Virtual Tours that can be shows on all type of the devices: computers, tablets, mobiles.

This is the WYSIWYG editor with intuitive interface that allow to create tour in a few clicks. All elements and functions you add, you can see in your tour (or single spherical panorama) immediately after you save your changes or after you reload tour.

Tours works stable both on html5 and on flash.

All types of the devices: computers, tablets, mobiles, etc.

You can show interactive virtual tours on all types of the operation systems (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)

Support all browsers.

Supports different screen resolutions.

Open/Create editor – start point for program – open or create tour. You can create new tour. Or open any tour created with krpano (if xml not encrypted and domain not protected) for edit.

Common Settings editor – allow changing design of the tour. Available different variants of the skins (design). You can order here the title for your tour. You can order the appearance of the different skin elements. Also in this editor you can add logo, and basic sound to play in your tour.

Menu editor. Allow to create 2-level drop-down menu in your tour. On each level on the menu item click you can order navigation function (load scene), show image, info box, map, plan or custom action. On the first level additionally you can order open submenu. You can create horizontal and vertical menu. If the dimension of horizontal menu will exceed the screen size of the device it will automatically transfer to vertical menu.

Hotspot editor. Allow to quickly place hotspots in your scenes. You can select different images for your hotspots. If you use standard images from the TourCreator Light set of the hotspots, they will automatically change when you change design in Common Settings. You also can use your own images. Editor allows selecting different actions on the hotspot click: load scene, show image, info box, map, plan, play sound or custom action. When you use load scene action you can easily select view for the next scene.

Scene editor. Allows to give the title for your scene. Select the start view. Set the scene as the start scene in the tour. Add information to the scene: text, image, info box.

Interactive Map Editor. Allows to insert in your tour Bing or Google Map (if you have krpano license). Provide interface to place hotspots on the map. To find latitude and longitude you can use Bing or Google services.

Local Map Editor. You can add to your tour as many local maps (plans) as you need. Simple interface to place hotspots to the map. You can add or remove spots. Change position and linked scenes. If you use standard skins of TourCreator Light the buttons to show different local maps will be appear only in linked scenes. Or, if you need, you can order the appearance of buttons to show the maps in the special editor. You also can create local maps and use them in the tours with your custom interface. But in this case you need to write your own scripts to show them.

Publication Editor. Creates the directory with ready to publish tour All you need is to upload all files from this directory on server, memory card, etc. Xml file for this tour will be automatically encrypted. Additionally you can limit domains to show your tour and/or order expire date. You also can insert the water mark with custom text in your tour that can be removed only by you.

External view. You test your tour on the local server inside TourCreator Light. In the most cases it's enough. But if you want you can open tour in default browser for testing. The reasons are the following: You can upgrade tour in the browser to see all changes immediately. It's faster than reload tour in program. No need to interrupt the workflow in TourCreator Light.